ann beretta

Old Scars, New Blood LP & Digital Download AB2020-2

Old Scars, New Blood isn't a greatest hits record but rather a collection of songs from across the band's catalog re-recorded and in some cases reimagined.

Free digital download with purchase includes exclusive Bonus Track

Track Listing

  1. FM
  2. Straight Shooter (Election Day)
  3. Love s Easy Tears
  4. Broadway
  5. Burning Bridges
  6. Vengeance
  7. New Revolution
  8. Glory Bound
  9. Angry All The Time
  10. Russ Song
  11. Fairweather
  12. Bottle Caps
  13. Forever Family
  14. BONUS - RUSS' SONG (ROB's vocal)

Pressing Information

Limited to 500 physical copies, released by Say 10 Records in 2018
Die Cut LP Sleeve
100 Red/White Blood Splatter
400 Red