ann beretta

Wild, Young, and Free (Demos and Outtakes - Extended Version) AB2020-10

A compilation of demos, outtakes, and unreleased material released as a German import on Gunner Records in 2012. This download includes 7 additional songs previously unreleased.

Track Listing

  1. Wild, Young Free (previously unreleased)
  2. Unforgiven (Go Gos cover)
  3. Get up, Lets go (previously unreleased)
  4. Angry All the Time (demo)
  5. Picture Perfect World (demo)
  6. Better Half (demo)
  7. Built to Last (demo)
  8. Better Days (demo)
  9. Locked, Ready, Load (demo)
  10. Something More
  11. MCA
  12. FM
  13. Shovel
  14. Bottle Caps
  15. Broadway (acoustic)
  16. Lost In You (BONUS demo)
  17. Until You Be Mine (BONUS demo)
  18. Hasbeen Lullaby (BONUS demo)
  19. Long Road Home (BONUS demo)
  20. Fallout (BONUS demo)
  21. kiss me deadly (BONUS generation x cover)
  22. Petroleum Distillation (BONUS live acoustic Fiffteen Cover)

Pressing Information

Released on CD and 12" colored vinyl (Opaque White and Clear)