ann beretta

Foundation - Chimborazo (Deluxe Edition) AB2020-12

Full length solo album from Ann Beretta frontman Rob Huddleston. This deluxe edition includes the Let it Roll EP and unreleased live recordings.

Track Listing

  1. Begging to Bleed
  2. Tonight Little Girl (You're Mine)
  3. When April Smiles
  4. I Feel Fine
  5. Tonight I'm Gone
  6. Roses Over Me
  7. Back Then
  8. Nightingales
  9. Don t Let me Go
  10. If I Can Say Goodbye
  11. Until I
  12. Horseshoes Hand Grenades
  13. Let it Roll
  14. (You and Me) Against the World (Unreleased Chimborazo Outtake)
  15. Mona Lisa (Unreleased Chimborazo Outtake)
  16. Begging to Bleed (acoustic mix)
  17. Meant to Burn (Live Soundcheck - the National, Richmond VA 2010)
  18. Until i (Live from the National, Richmond VA 2010)
  19. Hysteria (full band - unreleased)

Pressing Information

Digital only (in this format)