ann beretta

Like A Riot LP - LIMITED AB-LP-Riot

only 200 pressed this LP includes the full live acoustic set from Ann Beretta recorded at the Broadberry in Richmond, VA on 9/27/2018. This show captures the band & friends reimagining their songs to include pedal steel, organ & piano, fiddle, banjos, and more for the first and only time live.

Each cover is hand painted and screen printed by Rob Huddleston making each one unique. All covers are also numbered and signed by Rob.

Purchase of the LP also includes digital download

Track Listing

  1. Vengeance
  2. Haywire
  3. MCA
  4. Wild, Young, Free
  5. Lipstick & Makeup
  6. Love s Easy Tears
  7. Engines of Alienation
  8. Like a Riot
  9. Bottlecaps
  10. Forever Family

Pressing Information

200 Pink Vinyl