ann beretta

ANN BERETTA - Wild, Young, and Free LP + Digital Download or CD(Exclusive European Release) LPCD2012-wild

European exclusive release on Gunner Records. LP is on white vinyl and limited to 400. The CD and Digital Download (included with LP) includes 3 bonus songs. This record includes 2 new recordings as well as unreleased tracks and studio demos from the entire ANN BERETTA catalog including the rare 1997 self released NOBODY'S HEROES EP

*Limited to 2 CDs or LPs per order due to very limited availability

1- Wild, Young, and Free
2- **Unforgiven (Go Gos cover)
3- Get Up, Lets Go
4- Angry All the Time (demo)
5- Picture Perfect World (demo)
6- Better Half (demo)
7- Built To Last (demo)
8- Better days (demo)
9- Locked, Ready, and Load (demo)
10- **Just What I Needed (Cars cover)
11- Something More
12- **In The City (Jam cover featuring Thomas Barnett)
13- MCA
14- Shovel
15- Bottlecaps
16- Broadway (acoustic)

**Appear only on CD or Digital Download

Pressing Information

400 - white vinyl
100 - clear vinyl with silk screened cover