ann beretta

Ann Beretta Comic AB2014-2

Ann Beretta comic #0 is an intro to the new creation by Rob Huddleston of Ann Beretta and artist Chris Hamer of URBNPOP Media.

This full color comic includes a short story by Chris from his own series titled Pink Noise which uses the Ann Beretta song Fuel (from teh album Bitter Tongues) as its muse and dialogue. This story is followed immediately by the intro to the new creation from founding Ann Beretta member, Rob Huddleston, of the same name as the band.

Artist gallery and character sketches are also included in this issue providing a look back to 97 where the idea first came about through to the character explorations that resulted in what will soon be an exciting new comic series.

The story line takes place in Richmond and includes a few local 'celebrity' guest appearances and details hidden in the background.

The future series, also written by Rob and illustrated by Chris will be launched in fall of 2014 with (we hope) a line of limited edition toys.

Pressing Information

1,000 copies