ann beretta

FOUNDATION - Chimborazo LP

Released: March 24, 2009
The latest solo release from Rob Huddleston of Ann Beretta!
Die cut gate fold album art designed by Horsebites.
Includes FREE digital download card


  1. Begging To Bleed
  2. Tonight Little Girl
  3. When April Smiles
  4. I Feel Fine
  5. Tonight I'm Gone
  6. Roses Over Me
  7. Back Then
  8. Nightingales
  9. Don't Let Me Go
  10. If I Can Say Goodbye
  11. Until I
  12. Horseshoes And Handgrenades

Pressing Information

"At the core, Chimborazo is still Rob and his trusty acoustic, but with help from his friends the songs are much denser affairs...While the songs are undoubtedly Rob's, he lets his friends add their own touches and that freedom is what really gives Chimborazo it's strength. It's a collection of songs that friends play on a back porch or after the bar closes. It's also the type of music you hold tight, like the memories that surface every time the beers come out."
- Hero Hill review (