ann beretta


Recorded May 18th & 19th, 2007 in Richmond, VA! CD includes 20 live songs; 3-hour DVD contains both sold out reunion shows in their entirety! DVD also features the behind- the-scenes documentary "Open Letter: A Revolution in the Making"!


  1. Pulse
  2. Mute
  3. Idle Kids
  4. Warning
  5. Collision
  6. Cop Song
  7. Life is Precious
  8. Strike Anywhere
  9. Mayday
  10. Open Letter
  11. Statick
  12. Greta Brinkman vs. the City
  13. Dysfunctional Ideals
  14. Doubting Thomas
  15. Day By Day
  16. Hotel X
  17. Fuse
  18. We Got A Bomb
  19. Ideas Are Bulletproof

Pressing Information

DVD includes both shows, plus the documentary
"Open Letter: A Revolution in the Making".
DVD edited by Bifocal Media. Mastered by Derron Nuhfer at Sarlaac.